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Waterspot Removal

Water Spots or also commonly referred to as Acid Rain. There are many variations of this “issue” as well as many causes. The common being rain in hot and humid climates when and where  the rain is quickly dried on a vehicle leaving behind large amount of iron to etch the surface. Most commonly seen in windows and on the painted surface.

The other common cause to this being improper washing techniques starting with non filtered water combined with improperly ph. balanced soap as well as not keeping the vehicle properly cooled while washing. This is one of the main reasons for the “rule” do not wash/detail a car in direct sunlight. It can be done but you must exercise extreme caution and understand the severities of taking these risk without exercising proper paint temperatures and keeping the vehicle wet.

Not Only can we properly remove water spotting. We also offer a variation of options to help mitigate them from happening again which the most common would be a proper coating for both glass and paint.

WS Before clean WS After Clean