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Paint Correction

  • Measuring All Your vehicles panels will be closely measured and documented with our Paint Thickness Gauge to ensure enough surface to panel thickness is maintained and allowed for correction.
  • Primary Cutting The Cutting stage of the correction. Some refer to this as “compounding”. When compounding you are using a combination of machine, pad and product. When properly correcting it is like a game of chess every action has a reaction. So you must not only understand what machine, pad, product but also what type of paint and the reactions your course of action have on the paint. When you are Cutting you are actually removing heavier scratches from the surface while creating smaller refine ones thus knocking the paint down to a more level les jagged state for light to reflect thus creating a truer gloss finish. Also keep in mind you only have “X” amount of paint on your vehicles surface that we monitor throughout the entire process with our Paint Thickness Gauge. Ensuring that we only remove “X” amount to preserve as much paint/clear on the surface as possible
  • Secondary Cutting The Medium Cutting stage of the correction is basically refining the scratches caused during the primary cutting stage. Sometimes you can start with a medium cut depending on paint and its condition as well as machine, pad and product. It is also important that no products used contain silicone or fillers as you are just hiding and masking imperfections and swirls in the paint.
  • Final Cutting The Final Cutting stage of the correction is basically that the last stage in which you should be cutting/polishing out and refining the scratches caused during the secondary cutting stage.
  • Polishing The Polishing stage is made up of a soft pad and polish which contains can be used on a variety of machines .
  • Jeweling Is the ultimate finishing step. Jeweling is often not considered a “correction” step but more of a final finesse of the paint of the near invisible marring created by previous machine polishing steps.