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The Knowledge

Knowledge is power but our knowledge is driven by passion to achieve the best results possible. Our Knowledge has grown over the years and continues everyday. We are constantly expanding our knowledge base, as well as working closely with high end product companies, such as C-Quartz, to help achieve , maintain  and protect the ultimate finish. Take a few moments to educate yourself before choosing a company; Check companies feedback, research proper techniques and products. After you have the gist of it, ask questions.  It takes the proper knowledge to carry out a true perfect finish, as well understand and maintain it.  Not only will we use our knowledge to properly address each situation we will share our knowledge with our clients to help you understand proper maintenance of your vehicles surface.

The Difference

When combined with the proper knowledge, techniques, tools and products and the chemical properties that best suit the climate, conditions and expectations of the clients needs than you can begin to make the difference. The difference that separates Express Auto Salon from all others is that we are innovators and leaders in our industry, trusted to restore and maintain some of the rare automobiles in the world, as well as companies prototypes, while maintaing true confidentiality. Take a few moments to read this and speak with us, than you will know the difference that separates Express Auto Salon from all others. You will know why we are second to none and why we have been true American pioneers in our industry.

The Process

When the proper knowledge meets the difference, you can than begin to apply the proper process starting with filtered and treated water combined with the correct ph balanced soap for each application. These are the key beginning steps in the process needed in creating and maintaining the perfect finish.

The Execution

When all of the above comes together that is backed by someone that cares and has a true passion for his craft, the true execution begins to take shape. The way a sculptor shapes his work of art, a true detailer can begin to peel back fine layers of Mils/Microns of clear bringing your vehicle, which will be measured and monitored, to create a true level and flawless finish better than when the vehicle left the factory.

The Owner

Welcome to Express Auto Salon

Starting at a young age owner, Brandon Johnson, has been involved in the automotive paint industry, as well as the automotive scene, from building show/race/track cars to painting and maintaining their perfection. Brandon started working at a detailing shop at the age of 17, then moving on to run and manage a new shop, before moving on to become a Fireman/Emt. He was still detailing and staying into the automotive scene in his time off. Brandon later moved back to his hometown of New Orleans,La, where he continued to pursue his passion in the automotive business. Since 2007 Brandon has been operating in the Greater New Orleans/Metairie area with his company, maintaining everything from corporate jets to everyday driven vehicles. Just ask someone that knows him or just speak with him for a few minutes about any vehicle and you will know this is not just a job, it is truly a love and passion. He is a perfectionist with his business and would not have it any other way. Brandon has over 16 years in the Paint and Detailing industry and is always continuing to learn new products and techniques in this growing industry.


Our Facility

Our state of the art Facility is conveinantly located just off I-10.